My cat's name is - I don't have a cat

Hey everyone! Officially the first post on this website. 

I  screen printed a few t-shirts for the cat lovers who don't actually live with any cats, and for the dog lovers, who don't wanna live with any cats.  It was great doing this photoshoot and it all happened on Christmas morning  (crazy right!). I put together the outfit, jewellery, make up and hair in 10 minutes, and James, Tsvet and myself hoped on the roof to take some shots. All that blessed with 15 minutes of sunshine and Christmas breeze! Not sure what vibes are you getting from it, but we were going for quirky-sexy-cute-alien-cat-rock'n'roll-chick

 You can find the t-shirts on my online store  in white and light grey.

Enjoy! x 



Styled and shot by: me

Model: Tsvetelina Samohodova