Groovy Baby

Over the Bulgarian rooftops

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Photography: Adelina Dutskinova

Model: Vayana Danailova

Girl- the psychedelic daydream

The world is lazy, but you and me we are just crazy.

Summer is here and the pink skies are no longer a rarity. I have only just woken up from a long and meaningless winter nightmare to find out that the garden of my youth has blossomed. Inspiration is a peculiar and powerful thing that can move mountains when it hits you. I found my muse again, or maybe my muse found me- the woman around me with their creativity, strength, beauty,  determination and infinite female force!

Girls, this is for you! Boys, don't be shy and come celebrate with us!

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Endless gratitude to my creative team:

photos and edit: Chrisia B

model: Lex G

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hello there and welcome to my garden!

Here it is my first video that includes real life people and no food!

Big thanks to my glamorous actresses Emma Deveraux, Eadie McCarthy and Sara Roa.



Acai and Strawberry smoothie

Hey there, lovely people! Welcome to my garden :>

This year is definitely a year of changes, self reflection and discovery already. I have been all about improving my creative skills and expanding as a person and a content creator. One of the things I really want to put more time into is making videos. But where do you begin when you don't know how to film and certainly don't know how to use Final Cut Pro or any other editing program? It feels like being a child again and learning to read for the first time ...well...I began in the kitchen.

So here is my first video, a whole minute long.  Acai, banana and strawberries, because spring is coming, so is the sun.




My cat's name is - I don't have a cat

Hey everyone! Officially the first post on this website. 

I  screen printed a few t-shirts for the cat lovers who don't actually live with any cats, and for the dog lovers, who don't wanna live with any cats.  It was great doing this photoshoot and it all happened on Christmas morning  (crazy right!). I put together the outfit, jewellery, make up and hair in 10 minutes, and James, Tsvet and myself hoped on the roof to take some shots. All that blessed with 15 minutes of sunshine and Christmas breeze! Not sure what vibes are you getting from it, but we were going for quirky-sexy-cute-alien-cat-rock'n'roll-chick

 You can find the t-shirts on my online store  in white and light grey.

Enjoy! x 



Styled and shot by: me

Model: Tsvetelina Samohodova